Chhinlung Israel People Identity Referendum

First World Identity Refendum of the Chin-Lushai-Kuki/Chhinlungchhuak/Mizo

Identity referendum declaration and charter of agreement of the Chhinlung Israel- the lost tribes of Israel scattered in Myanrmar, Bangladesh and India under a Non-Religious. Non-Political, Organisation a forum called Chhinlung lsrael People Convention.

A. Declaration:

  1. We the people of Chin-Lushai-Kuki/Chhinlung chhuak ethic group inhabitants of the Chin Hills, the Matu areas, Mire areas, Khumi areas and the Arakan areas of Myanmar. The Chittagong Hill Tracts and Plains in Bangladesh. The Mizoram State and the adjacent areas in Manipur, Assam and Tripura State of lndia, are the descendants of one ancestor. Our culture, tradition and Social custom practice and languages are clear evidence of our ethnological facts. Father, our historical records and footprints of our ancestor both written and unwriten in the dust and send of time testify to the truth of our common ancestry.
  2. Much against the interest for preservation, consolidation and promotion of our ethnic identity The British rulers after subjugating us during the later part of the l9th Century exercising the Policy of divide and rule. As a result our ancestrial home-land was divided. So were the population of the Chhinlung chhuak was percel out like animal sold separated.
  3. Adding grave insult to injury. The Emergence of the sovereign State of lndia, Myanmar and Pakistan now called Bangladesh in the 1940’s Had the administrative fragmentations agreevieted and give birth to deeper agonies of separation for Constitutional law of respective countries and so divide the Chin-Lushai Kuki/Chhhinlungchhuak ethnic Origin into different nationalities.
  4. For better part of the century largely because of our ignorance and limited outlooks both in term of our identity historical and Politically. The gravity of our uncertain situation and the danger for our ethnological demise received no meaningful political historical and identity response. So, the genocide thread of new-colonialism against our Chhinlungchhuak ethnic identity survival still remain unredeemed up till now.
  5. Now with historical, political and identity consciousness gaining momentum and the spirit of identity nationalism awakening us comes the fuller realisation of our basic human right and of our lost historical, political and identity prerogatives. We cannot but fell burdened with the paramount importants of the Chin-Kuki Lushai/Chhinlung chhuak Re-Undication and solidarity and identity preservation for the existence of our ethnic identity
  6. Therefore we pledge our faith and confidence in the committee and code of the United Nations in the proclamation of our basic human right in confirmity with the Charter the United Nations for this identity Referandum today We the Chin-Kuki Lushai/Chhinlung chhuak as recorded in historical book a Chin in Myanmar, Lushai in Bangladesh and Mizo in India are the direct decendant of the Biblical tribes in the Northern Kingdom of lsrael of the tribe of Manashe and Ephraim sons of Joseph born in Egypt through his Egyptian wife Asthani-Convince that the time has come to declare our true identity that we the Chhinlung chhuak are the lost tribes of lsrael to the world. Hencefort to be called Chhinlung Israel People.
  7. We further United to uphold to dig the root of our old regious true practice and customs of our ancestor to the last breadth of our life.
  8. We the united lost tribes under the banner and forum of the Chhinlung Israel People Convention-General Headquarters, Aizawl, Mizoram declare today on this alter of Identity Referandum, the 28th days of October, 1999. Upon the alter of our hearts for the re-unification and our true identity Proclamation and so adopt the Charter of Agreement for the Chhinlung Israel People, the lost tribes of lsrael.

B. Charter 0f Agreement:

  1. We the Chhinlung chhuak- the lost tribes of Israel henceforth now called by our true identity the Chhinlung lsrael People. Affirm the truth upon the alter of this Identity Referendum that each members of the Chhinlung Israel People now living in Myanmar, Bangladesh and India are the people of common ancestry speaking and blessed with a common language, social, culture and Religious background and destained to a common historical, political and Identity of fate and destiny.
  2. We, with all our hearthand sincerity pledged and affirm, solidarity and integration to take on the just struggle under the Universal human right for our historical, political Identity and Re-unification right under. one administrative umbrella in corfirmity with the historical resolution of the Chin-Lushai-Conference held at Forth William, Calcutta on 29th January 1892.
  3. We firmly uphold the Universal truth of the United Nations, Universal human right with regards to our historical, political and Identity rights, regardless of lnternational boundaries constraints, imposed to us by way of divide and rule policy against our freely express wish. We firmly adopt the Principle of Non-violence for attaining our goal from each place where we are now scattered.
  4. We sincerely appeal to the conscience of all heads of state and Government under whom the Chhinlung chhuak now called Chhinlung lsrael People are citizens respectively, and to recognise and acknowledge the rightful claim of the Chhinlung Israel People. Further we appeal to all believing in the Universal human right declarations to lend suport to our just struggle for the recognisation of our historical, political and identity rights at all level and at different stages at all time.

C. Organisation:

ln order to promote the just struggle for our historical, political and identity right for the Chhinlung lsrael People :-

  1. We solemnly affirm and resolved that a non-political organisation, a forum called Chhinlung Israel People Convention wasforrned on the 7th July, 1994 with its general Headquarters at Aizawl, Mizoram, India. Further we resolved that the Chhinlung Israel People Convention to be a forum covering all political parties,churches, organisation and willing individuals :-
    (a) Acknowledge the right claim of the Chhinlung Israel People Convention.
    (b) Accepting the paramount and the importance of the Chhinlung Israel People Convention.
    (c) Willing to subscribe to the ideas and views as may be developed time to time through the forum Chhinlung Israel People Convention.
  2. We affirm and Resolve that –
    (a) Chhinlung lsrael People Convention, as a forum shall not interfered in any local or national political Programmes and activities of my constituents political parties.
    (b) No constituents unit ofthe Chhinlung Israel People Convention without the knowlege of the Chhinlung Israel People Convention, General Headquarters, shall organised any political parties of its country, but should not bring the policity of this party to the Chhinlung Israel People Convention as it may adversely affect the objects of the Chhinlung Israel People Convention.
    (c) Any political parties, churches, organisation and individual involving and perticipating in Chhinlung Israel People Convention shall enjoy the privilege of exercising certain discrelation, primarily for promotion of the just struggle of the Chhinlung Israel People Convention.
    (d) The Chhinlung Israel People Convention as a forum shall normally finalised importance policy decision in matter related directly or indirectly to the just struggle for the Chhinlung Israel People Convention in confirmity with the Universal Human Right declaration. We, the undersigned today the 28th October, 1999 solemnly affirm and resolve for and on behalf of the Chhinlung Israel Peaple living and children yet to be born, look ta God in prayer- An seal this document with our signature upon the alter of Universal Human rights Declaration on this Identity Referendum of the Chhinlung Israel People.

Long live Chhinlung Israel People Convention.


              Sd/-                                                              Sd/-                                                                    Sd/-
Rampeng                                              Lalchhanhima Sailo                                    Lalhmachhuana
President                                                           President                                                         President
CIPC Hqrs,Myanmar                                  CIPC Gen. Hqrs                                           Hqrs Bangladesh
             Sd/-                                                              Sd/-                                                                    Sd/-
Thangchungnunga                                     Neihchhung                                                      Lianmang
President                                                  President                                                          President
CIPC Hqrs. Tripura                                  CIPC Hqrs. Assam                                      CIPC Hqrs. Manipur

Forwarded by

General Secretary
CIPC Gen. Hqtrs, Aizawl , Mizoram