CIPC Memorandum to the United Nations

CIPC Memorandum to the United Nations




No, 01/UN/CIPC/AZL 1997                                                                                                               Dated 10 Feb 1998


SUBJECT: This memorandum seek to represent the case of the Chhinlung – Israel people, presently known as Mizo in India for our right to unity, re-unification and solidarity and for the realization of our true identity as the ‘Lost tribe of Israel’ in India for which a fervent appeal is submitted to the UNITED NATION ORGANIZATION to proclaim to the world, fulfill and uphold our true identity as the Lost tribe of Israel.

The Secretary General

This memorandum of appeal seek to clarify and represent the case of all the Chhinlung Chhuak Israel ethnic origin living now in India, Myanmar and Bangladesh for our rights to be recognized as the Lost tribe of Israel and be proclaimed to the world and also our rights to be re-unified and restored under one administration unit in the spirit and charter of the Chin-Lushai Conference at Fort William Calcutta on the 29th January 1892, a copy of which is attached in, as Annexure 1. As we are known by different names in different countries that we are divided into so the name – Mizo, Zo, Zomi, Chin-Kuki, Lushai or Chhinlung Chhuak are all the same name that we are called by. Hence the name used in different parts shall be treated as the same name for the Chhinlung-Israel people of the Lost tribe of Israel.

Brief History:

1. The Chhinlung Chhuak as we called ourself or the Chin-Lushai, etc. as called by the British Government and Popularly known as MIZO in Indian Constitution are the Lost tribe of Israel of the tribe of MANNASEH and EPHRAIM the sons of Joseph born in Egypt through his Egyptian wife Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, Priest of On -Genesis 41 :45, 51, 52.

2. The forefather of the Chhinlung Chhuak/ Mizo hailed from a place called Chhinlung, a mythical rock cave somewhere in the northern part of China, before that they were in captive in Babylon, Assuria, from there they move eastwards. So the word Chhinlung Chhuak means one who comes out of the rock or cave as in the Book of Isaiah 51: 1-2. Migration map by the AMISHAV, by Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail attached in Annexure II.

3. The administrative system of the Chhinlung Chhuak was simple and efficient. The people had a King with Chiefs in villages under them. The King and the Chiefs were assisted by the Elders. There are priest, artisan, warrior and youth leaders of the village. The youth were trained in the ‘Zawlbuk’, a youth dormitory for training in all aspects of life.

4. The cultural and social life of the Chhinlung Chhuak in the past was peaceful and independent one. They lived freely and happily for about 500 years from 1100 A. D. to 1600 A.D. till the advent of the British Expedition from 1767-1771, 1871-1872 and from 1888-1890 as on record available.

5. The British annexed the whole of Chhinlung Chhuak land and brought it under its rule in 1890. Then they divided the land/ country into three separate administrative units; The eastern parts of the present Chin Hills and Arakan were put under the Chief Commissioner of Burma. The Central and northern parts of the country – present Mizoram state and part of Assam, Manipur and Tripura states of present India fell under the administration of the Chief Commissioner of Assam. The western area of present Mizoram state of India, including the present Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh fell under the Lieutenant Governor of Bengal. So the division of Chhinlung Chhuak land/ Chin-Lushai country was imposed in 1890 against the freely expressed wishes of the Chhinlung Chhuak Israel ethnic group to whom those land is inseparable since time immemorial. As Prophet Jeremiah of Israel said in Chapter 22: 10- 11, 26,27.

6. The British rulers had considered it very desirable to put the whole of the acquired Chin-Lushai country/ Chhinlung Chhuak area under one administrative head. The Chin-Lushai Conference at Fort William in Calcutta on January 29, 1892 had also adopted a resolution to this regards. Besides, the Government of India Act 1935 come into force with the definition, and defined ‘Tribal Areas’ as the areas not part of British-India or Burma or of any Indian State or of any foreign state. On the basis of the Acts, the Excluded Area Order was issued on March 3rd 1936 from the Court of Buckingham Palace. So the tribal area including Lushai Hills, the present Mizoram state was placed under the Executive Authority of the Governor General of India, and the Governor of Assam was directed to act as Agent of the Governor General in respect of the border area tribes and in the matter of political control.

7. His Excellency Sir Robert Reid, the Governor of Assam and High Commissioner of British-India visited Aijal (now called Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram State) in 1940 of present India. Here the representative of Chhinlung Chhuak/ Chin-Kuki-Lushai submitted a representation urging the visiting Sir Robert Reid to take step for the territorial re-unification of Chin-Lushai land in the spirit of the Chin-Lushai Conference 1892. With this in mind, Sir Robert Reid made a proposal for the re-unification of Chin-Lushai land under one administrative head in 1941. The late Sir Winston Churchill, the then Prime Minister of Britain had approved Sir Robert Reid plan in principle. But the matter was not taken up by the Labour party which come into power after World War II. So the matter is kept pending to date.

8. On April 3, 1942 the Chiefs of Lushai Hilts declared war separately and independently against the invading forces and so resolved to fight the war side by side with the allied forces. These Chiefs made the declaration because of the fact that Lushai Hills and Chin-Lushai country was an excluded area. Likewise in the Chiefs of Chin-Hills also made a separate declaration of war in favour of the allied forces. For this recognition the Burmese Constitution had provided the people of Chin Hills and other frontier Hill Tracts with the Tight of Session after ten (10) years.

9. The late Prime Minister of Great Britain Sir Winston Churchill and the state President of America Mr. Roosevelt had an important meeting in August 1941. In which the two world leaders made a joint declaration which said, among others that they desire to see no territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the people concerned. This point is deemed to be relevant in the case of the then Chin-Lushai people/ Chhinlung Chhuak which had formed a part of the allied forces, as in the case of other colonial counties like India, Burma(Myanmar), Ceylon (Sri Lanka), etc., because of being an Excluded Area as per The Order of 1936 from the Court at Buckingham Palace.

10. MIZO UNION, the first political party of the then Lushai Hills now called Mizoram State of India, had submitted a memorandum to His Majesty Government, the Government of India and its constituent Assembly on April 26,1947 seeking to represent the case of Mizos/ Chhinlung Chhuak for territorial unity and integrity of the wholwithin the province e Chin-Lushai population with full self-determination of Assam.

11. Under the Chairmanship of the then Superintendent of Lushai Hills (now Mizoram State of India) Mr. L.L. Peters with 50 (fifty) accredited leaders of Lushai Hills, representing Chiefs and commoners had submitted a memorandum to the Adviser to His Excellency, the Governor of Assam demanding among others that the Lushai/ Chhinlung Chhuak be allowed to opt out of Indian Union when they wish to do so subject to a minimum period of ten (10) years.

12. The MIZO NATIONAL FRONT under the leadership of Mr. Laldenga (late) on October 30, 1965 submitted a memorandum to the then Prime Minister of India, demanding full self-determination for the people of Mizo / Chhinlung Chhuak, and on the midnight of February 28, 1966 first armed offensive was launched against the Republic of India for securing territorial independence for the same ethnic group of Mizo/ Chhinlung Chhuak. But the armed struggle for independence came to an end on June 30, 1986 following the adoption and signing of the memorandum of settlement after twenty (20) years of fighting.

13. Then on May 19-21,1988 the First World Zomi Convention was called and held at Champhai in Mizoram State of India for the re-unification of the same ethnic group into one administrative unit and to be recognized as one race. So, in order to attain the goal and aims and objects for the Zomi/ Chhinlung Chhuak, a forum called Zo Re-unification Organisation (ZORO) was formed. This organisation made a declaration and Charter of Agreement on the Zo Re-unification by forty (40) delegates representing different organisation. Besides submitting memorandum to the head of the Government of India and to different head of states of the world to recognize their demand to bu under one administrative umbrella and to be recognized as one ethnic race of people in this world.

14. On July ih, 1994. As the people of Chhinlung Chhuak awake to their true identity of being Israel the lost tribe as told to us by our ancestor through story told down to us and by verbal history. So, a referendum was called by the adhoc body called Chhinlung Israel People Convention whose history and verbal story prove that we are the Lost Tribe of Israel of the tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim.

Before the advent of the British to our land, we the people of the same ethnic group are called as Chhinlung Chhuak having a common language but with different dialects brought about by the compulsions of the geographical factors such as mountain ranges and rivers. But after the British took over our lands and country we were called by them by many different names such as Chin-Kuki, Lushai, Zomi-Zo-Mizo, etc., where as we called ourself Chhinlung Chhuak “One who come out of the Rock” as prophet Isaiah said in chapter 51:1 -3. So in order to attain our goals and aims and objects to be recognize as on Ethnic groups of people and to be declare of our true identity as the lost tribe of Israel. So a forum called Chhinlung – Israel People Convention accepted by all the delegates was formed to plead and prove to the world that we are the ‘Lost tribe of Israel’ of the tribe of Manasseh and Ephraim.

The People – Land and Tradition

1. The Chhinlung Chhuak/ Mizo are of the numerous closely knitted family of one ethnic tribes, whose common tradition, customs, culture, mode of living, language and rites bound in together. So the Chhinlung Chhuak have been known by different names and are mistakenly identified as Kuki until 1871, who were later called Lushai by way of British Expedition and so the solidarity of the Chhinlung Chhuak/ Mizo as a race and a distinct group or block is proven and testified by the name of places, hills, mountain ranges and rivers of the places in which we are scattered and so wherever they are they carry with them their primitive customs, culture and ways of living in its purest form of originality and identifying themselves as the Chhinlung Chhuak, the Lost tribe of Israel.

2. The land of the Chhinlung Chhuak spread over a wide area, extending into the present Manipur State, North Cachar of present Assam State, Zampui ranges of present Tripura State, Chittagong Hill Tracts of present Bangladesh, Chin Hills area, Matupui area, Khumi area, Mire area and Arakan of present Burma (Myanmar). The present Mizoram State which was carved out arbitrarily for administrative convenience purpose against the will of its people the Chhinlung Chhuak by the British rulers.

3. Traditionally Chhinlung Chhuak claims to come out of a mythical rock called ‘Chhinlung’ near the Great Wall of China, and before that claims descendent from Abraham grand son of Joseph’s sons Manasseh and Ephraim. This is proven by our verbal story pass down to us by our ancestor and so the migration by our ancestor seem to have taken place about 750 B.C. from Cannan to China, then from about the middle of the 12th Century from China to our present land, and by so doing the migration process they halted at several places some for long period and some for short period, cutting through Shan State of present Burma (Myanmar) to northern part of Vietnam through Laos to Arakan, Chindwin valley present Chin Hills of Myanmar to the present Mizoram State of India.

4. Population break up of the Chhinlung Chhuak/ Mizo.

(a) In the Mizoram State of present India alone numbers about 8,00,000(Eight hundred thousand) with an area of 22000

(b) In the Manipur State of present India, the southern part contiguous to present Mizoram State alone numbers about 50,00,00(five hundred thousand) with an area of 9500

(c) In the Assam State of present India, of Cachar and North Cachar alone numbers about 20,00,00 (Two hundred thousand) with an area of 1000

(d) In the Tripura State of present India contiguous to present Mizoram State alone numbers about 20,000 (twenty thousand) with an area of 800

(e) In the present Chittangong Hill Tracts of present Bangladesh contiguous to present Mizoram State of India alone numbers about 20,00,00 (two hundred thousand) with an area of 7200

(f) In the present Myanmar (Burma) of Chin Hills, Matu area, Khumi area, Mire area and the Arakan area, etc., contiguous to present Mizoram State of India who are commonly known and called Chin-Lushai-Kuki alone numbers about 3,00,00,00 (three million) with the land area 100000 sqm.

So the total population of Chin-Lushai/ Chhinlung Chhuak are about 4,72,00,00 (four million seventy two thousands) with the land area of 124500 Therefore, looking into this population break up it is a great injustice that the Chhinlung Chhuak/ Mizo having the same culture speaking the same language, professing the same religions and knitted together by common custom and traditions should have been called and known by different names, and scattered among different people with their homeland sliced out and given to others with different names in different country even up to this day. So, our appeal to the D.N.A. is to be recognized as the Lost Tribe of Israel of the tribe of Mannaseh and Ephraim in our respective area that we are now living in.


Our forefather were independent, each village fonning an independent unit and their county was never subjugated by any neighbouring State of foreign power. However there had been frontier clashes between the Chin-Lushai/ Chhinlung Chhuak and their neighbouring people which ultimately brought the British to scene in 1771, again in 1865 when the British invade Suakpuilala.

This record is available in Lushai Raja Sukpilal Territory and Raja Sukpilal position in the Lushai country. Proceeding of Government of Bengal Judicial Department June 1866 No. 81, so with the advance of the British all the Chin-Lushai/ Chhinlung Chhuak country was subsequently annexed to British territory in 1890 and then parceled out different portion of the land for administrative convenience to British India and British-Bunna.

So, for this end, it is in goodwill, faith and understanding that the Chhinlung Chhuak/ Chin-Lushai voice her rightfully and legitimate claim of being the Lost tribe of Israel through this memorandum. So, let the Government of India, Myanmar and Bangladesh in their turn and in conformity with the unchallengeable truth expressed and resolved among the text of Human Right give us the recognition of the Lost tribe of Israel and not call us by different Jentail name given to us wrongly.

We also appeal to the U.N.O. and no less to the Government of India Myanmar and Bangladesh to appreciate our claim for the restoration of our basic human rights in conformity with the spirit of Chin-Lushai conference 1892 at Fort William, Calcutta on 29th January, and with the spirit of the Atlantic Charter which recommended “no territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the people concerned, so that we can identify one self as belonging to one ethnic group” The lost tribe of Israel of the tribes of Manasah and Ephraim, the sons of Joseph – born in Egypt. May God bless the U.N.O. in its Endeavour for justice of the people of the world.

Yours faithfully,

       (F. LALA),                                                                                          (LALCHHANHIMA SAILO),
General Secretary                                                                                             President



Forwarded for information and necessary action of support please to-

1.   The President of India, Government of India.
2.   The President of USA, Government of USA
3.   The Prime Minister of Great Britain, The Government of Great Britain.
4.   The President of Russia, Government of Russia.
5.   The President of France, Government of France
6.   The Premier of China, Government of China
7.   The President of Israel, Government of Israel
8.   The Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Government of Bangladesh
9.   The Army Junta of Myanmar -{Burma}, Government of Myanmar.
10. The Human Right Branch of UNO