Prayer to the Prime Minister of Israel

Prayer to the Prime Minister of Israel

Office : Canteen Square, Aizawl – 79600l, Mizoram

Regn. No. 137/97
Memo No : A1/CIPC/HQLTR/Sl No.3                                                                   Date: 20-08-08
The Prime Minister of Israel
The Government of Israel

Subject : Prayer to the Government of lsrael for declaration and recognition to the world that the true identity of the decendents of  Manasseh and Ephraim living in some part of the States of Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, Tripura under the Government of lndia and under the Government of  Bangladesh, Myanmar Junta are the decendants of Mannaseh and Ephraim.

Respected Sir,
We, the group called Chhinlung Israel People Convention,in short CIPC, would like to request your kind sympathetic consideration and actions as stated in the above subject and facts of the case as follows:-

1.  That the Chhinlung Israel People Convention,( CIPC ) is the Non-Government Organisation (NGO) having its Headquarter at Aizawl, Mizoram. The said organization was formed on 7th July, 1994 under the Founder and Leadership of Late Lalchhanhima Sailo.The main aim of the CIPC is for the unity and gathering  lost tribe of Israel in north eastern part of India, Burma,  and Bangladesh.

2.  That Sir, you may also aware that some of the lost tribe of Israel were living in different parts of India as well as in the Lushai Hill, now known as Mizo in the State of Mizoram. Indian Jews are a religious minority of India. Judaism was as one of the first non—Dharmic religions to arrive in India in recorded history.
The Jewish population in India is hard to estimate since each Jewish community is distinct with different origins; etc.Of  the total Jewish population in India, about half live in Mizoram and a quarter live in the city of Mumbai.
Jews have historically lived in India without anti-semitism from Indians. Jews have held important positions under Indian princes in the past and even after independence from British Rule, they have risen to very high positions in government, military and industry. In addition to Jewish
members of various diplomatic corps, there are five native Jewish communities in India as follows:-
(i)   The Cochin Jews arrived in India 2,500 years ago and settled down in Cochin, Kerala, as traders.
(ii)  The Benei Israel arrived in the state of Maharastra 2,100 years ago.
(iii) The Baghdadi Jews arrived in the city Mumbai from Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, and Arab countries about 250 years ago
(iv) The Bnei Menasseh are Mizo and Kuki tribesmen in Manipur and Mizoram who claim descent from the tribe of Menasseh.
(v)  The Bnei Ephraim (also called Telugu Jews) are a small group who speak Telegu; their observance of Judaism dates to 1981.
An estimated 9,000 people in the northeastern Indian states of Mizoram and Manipur started practicing Judaism in the 1970s, claiming to be descendants of the Tribe of Manasseh.
They have since been recognized by Israel as a lost tribe and most have left, or plan to leave India and emmigrate to Israel after undergoing a conversion to Orthodox Judaism from either Hinduism, or Christianity.
In North East India, in the land mass that lies between Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Bangladesh, there lives a small group of people who have been practicing Judaism for more
than 27 years. They have not taken on a “new” religion. These people, in fact, have returned to the religion of their ancestors. They call themselves Bnei Menashe, descendants of the Tribe of Menashe, one of the ten lost tribes. Also known as the Chhinlung or Shinlung, the Bnei Menasseh relate their history of exile from the Northern Kingdom ef Israel in 721 B.C. across the silk route finally ending up in India and  Myanmar. The story of these people is an amazing one. After thousands of years of exile they have rediscovered their roots and are returning to Judaism.
The Mizos are still known as Lushai in the Chittagong area of Bangladesh. In Burma the lost tribes were called in different names like Chin in Chin Hills areas, Matu in Matu areas, Mire in Mire areas, Khumi in the Khumi areas, Hlancho in the Arakan areas, etc.

3.  That in order to know the origin of the Mizos, as to whether they are the decendants of Manasseh and Ephraim, one needs to know in order to prove with the help of Researchers,etc..
(a)  Firstly, the Researchers like Smti Zaithanchhungi in her book called, “Here, Israel” and Shri Hillel Halkin in his Research Book called “Across the Sabbath river.” are one of the sources from where the Mizos could be identified as the lost tribe of Israel. Besides these, there are many documents and writing in regards to the old customary practices of the Chhinlung Israel people -Mizos before the advent of Christianity.
(b)  Secondly there is another versions as to how the ancestors of the Chhinlung people came to their present abode. According to this, the prince, who became supreme in China in BC 22l called himself the first Emperor “Shih Huang Ti”. He divided his country stretching from the great bend of the   Yellow River to the area south of Yangteze into 36 commanderies. Each commandery had official subject only to the Emperor.The Emperor shifted people en masse. The most powerful families were brought to the capital to remain under his eyes. Brigands and never-do-wells were transported to far away places. He ruled according to Legalistic principles. He put TOTALITARIAN measures into practice in Ch’in state and help to establish the Ch’in dynasty as the first United Empire in Chinese history. All able persons were forced to render their services for the country and, as forced labour was the order of the day, it is most likely that the ancestors of Mizos might have occupied the caves for a considearable time because of which they were even known as “ Cave Dwellers”, “cave men” or sometimes as hill man. During their stay in Chhinlung caves, they could not do any cultivation or go out for hunting because of the fear of being detected by their enemies who were in search of them. So they had to live on wild fruits, roots and leafy vegetables. They could not make clothes, and wore animal skin. It is said that one day, the Chinese Army found out their caves and raided their hideouts. The ancestors of the Mizos who had been hiding in Chhinlung caves areas were chased out and driven to Burma. Under the Ch’in dynasty, as the Totalitarianism is came into existed, Books and Philosophies at variance with the thought of Ch’ins were eliminated.
The Chinese soldiers snatched away all their possessions. Here they destroyed the Leather Scroll (containing Ten commandments) of the Mizos and since then the Mizos do not have their own script. According to legends of the Mizos, the leather scroll of their ancestors were eaten by dogs. During those days, the Chinese normally referred people whom they did not like as “dogs”. So it might be presumed that their book was eaten by dog might be preferred to the Chinese soldiers.
(c)  Thirdly, in conjunction to their habitat in China areas, how the ancestors of the Chhinlung Israel, descendant of Manasseh and Ephraim could visited the said areas, it is written in the Holy Bible- Apogripha, as per 2 Esdra Chapter 13: 41-45 verses as follows:-
    “ The ten tribes (Israel) did not want to stay amongst the Jentails in that area, they went out to wards far east where no man dwelleth. They do hope and belief that they could follow strict RULES there, which they cannot follow in their land.  When they tried to cross over the big Euphrates river; miracles has been performed by the Almighty by blocking the riven so they crossed the river without difficulty. Their intended place called Arzareth was very very far to the far east, they spend one year and six month on the way to reach there. They stayed there for long period. But they will come back to their home land at this later days, etc.”
So, it is not difficult to co-join from Israel crossing Euphrates river and proceeded towards far east, i.e. China by crossing Afghanistan, their migration continued eastward through Hindu Kush, until they reach Tibet and the Chinese border spending one and haf years on the enroute. Throughout this entire period, they are said to have possessed a Torah Scroll that was guarded by the elders and priests. From there they continued into China following the Wei river until they reached central China.They did sojourn there till they were driven out from China towards Burma. The Chhinlung people firstly stayed in Shan States of Burma. But due to heavy famine, they left the place and came down towards the southern western part of Burma to Chin Valley and Kabaw valley where the documents and old writings including planting of banyan trees (BUNG) at Khampat area could be found till today.
Besides these documents and writings, the old customary practice of the Chhinlung/Mizo people before the advent of Christianity proved many links of the lost tribe Israel in regards to many sacrifices, ceremony performed at the birth of a child, ceremony of marriages when the bride is to be escorted to the house of bridegroom at the appearances of stars, the preparation of dead body with our blood brother, the jewish people, etc. Researcher Zaithanchhungi had collected similar
customary practices more than 90 points in her Research Book. On the other hand, the name of Mannaseh was uttered in prayers and ceremonial sacrifices. Whenever they were to make any new
settlement or to undertake an adventurous exploits, they had to invoke Manmasi’s name. In times of great calamities like earthquake, they used to shout,” Be kind, be kind; we, the descendants of Manasseh (Manmasi) are here!”
As for the origin of this name, it is argued that it is derived from Mannaseh, the older son of Joseph, the eleventh and favorite son of Jacob in the Old Testament. To support this theory, let us quote one folk song as follows:
Manasseh, you came crossing sea and rivers,
You came through hills and mountains,
You came all the way victorious through hostile countries,
Just to have good portion of meat;
Let the liver and the heart be yours, Manasseh

At the time of Khawpal sacrifice, the priest would say to the evil spirit “ What can you do against us? we are the descendants of Manasseh
When they made new village, before felling down trees, they would say “ Away, Away, you obstruct the way of our father Manasseh”.
At the time of making sacrifice to God, they say “ God above, for the remnants of our sins, we gave you this piece of meat for your forgiveness towards the children of Manasseh”.
The Oral tradition amongst the Mizos were that whenever you worship God above, always mention the name of Manasseh.
(d)  Apart from this, under the Ninth Plan of the Government of India, the Central Forensic Science Laboratory, Kolkata -West Bengal did DNA test in 2004 which was posted out in the website. This DNA test conducted by Bhaswar Maity, T.Sitalaxim, R.Trivedi and V.K.Kashyap had Mitochondrial Analyses from a total of 46 mtDNA haplotypes were observed in 50 of the Mizoram individuals. A neighbour-joining tree constructed based on the haplotypes revealed similarity of the Kuki and Lusei populations with the Jewish samples taken from literature for the analysis. Further analysis of the mtDNA haplogroups revealed occurrences of predominantly East Asian specific lineages in the Mizoram tribes.
However incidence of haplogroup W in the Kuki population demonstrated presence of Near Eastern mtDNA lineage in this tribe. Interestingly, Near Eastern lineages have not been identified in other Jewish populations of India where the local gene pool had probably overwhelmed the original maternal gene pool of Jewish migrants.
(The xerox copy of The Week Magazine weekly dt.12nd Sept, 2004 is enclosed for easy reference as Annexure-1)
(e)  The Central.Asian contribution to the extent lineages of Mizoram tribes was also evident from.presence of MG2a lineage amongst the Kuki. In addition, HVSI motif 129, 223 found in
high frequency in Jews of Uzbekistan, occurred with additional mutations in the Mizoram tribes proved the genetic imprints of the lost tribe of Israel/Jews amongst the Indian tribe of Chin—Mizo population in India. After this, the CIPC had prayed to the Government of India to declare to the whole nation that the CIPC are the lost tribe of Israel.
(The copy of said letter is enlcosed as Annexure-2)
(f) The CIPC had submitted a Memorundum to the UNO on 10th February, 1998 through United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) New Delhi, Lodi Estate.who had registered on 4m April, 1998, bearing Registration No. G/SO/2l5/1/India/Myanmar/Bangladesh.
(The copy of said memorundum is enclosed as Annexure-3)
(g)  On 28m October,1999, the Chhinlung Israel Peoples Convention had declared that Chhinlung Israel People are the decendant of Manasseh and Ephraim to the world through IDENTITY REFERENDUM by organizing Public meeting at Aizawl in the presence of many Observers. At that meeting, the Chief Guest was Ex. Chief Minister Lalthanhawla. Mr.David R.Ashkennezy had attended from Israel, Writer Hillel Helkin,author of  “ACROSS THE SABBATH RIVER” and 2 (two) UNO observers were also present.
(h)  On 1-3 December, 2000, Rabii Jonathan Cahn, the Jewish- Christian convert had declared at the public meeting gathering more than 25000 people at Aizawl Assam Rifles Ground, by joining together the soil of Israel and the soil of Mizoram that they are one.
(i) The Chief Rabbi of Sepherdic Rabbinical Court namely Shlomo Amer, on 30th March, 2005 had declared accepting Mizos as decendant of Manasseh and Ephraim,the lost tribes of Biblical Israel.
(The xerox copy of BBC news on that topic is alsoenclosed as Annexure-4)
(j) At the present situation, more than 1400 persons had been migrated to Israel and they were accepted as their own brothers and sisters.
(k) On the other hand, the main aim of CIPC is not to migrate  to Israel, but to remain in the present State, believing that this is the place of the promised land where honey and milk were abundant and the people of Mizoram as having identity of Mizo-Israel,etc.

4.   That sir, it is very interesting to note that as you aware of bamboo flowering every 50 years of cycle, causing great famine in the inhabitant areas of the Chhinlung-Mizo populated areas, is believed and an accepted facts by the Chhinlung Israel people -Mizos that “ God of Israel still remember his people and this is the sign of God that he still remember his people of the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh_in the land where we now sojourn and lived. The God of Israel. God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob, hide us and preserved us in this hilly regions physically and spiritually to be discovered in this last century as His people Israel.

5.   That the lost tribe of Israel, do believe that this famineof every fifty (50) years of cycle is not a man made disaster, it is historical truth, a proven facts from time immemorial and this phenomena had happened only in the areas of the Chhinlung- Israel Mizos habitation.

6.   That even in India,it was commonly known facts by the older politicians in India that the Mizos are the decendant of Manasseh. Before Independence, the Mizo tribes were known as  Luz Israel . The Mirror Magazine published in London on 27th October, 1870 published as follows:-
“The nomadic Luz tribe of Israel, dwelling in the north east of British India, who had killed Dr. James Winchester who cut down his head and his own kid Mary Winchester about five(5) years old was captured and  brought her to their home land at Luz hills”
On 19th  August, l946, the then Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had stated in the meeting at Shillong, now Meghalaya as follows —
The Luz tribe of Israel, living in the north east are living in the boundary areas of India. They are not under any control of India, Burma nor Pakistan. Now they are forced to be govern under the British Rule. After Independence of India, Burma also an Independence country and when our own constitution has been made, the people living there would be known as NEW EDEN OF ISRAEL. They will no longer under the govern of Governor, nor any General which were not accepted by them.”
This topic was printed ouy in Mizo Language Magazine called ZONU Magazine in 1985.
Here in this connection, mention. may be 1nade that On 5th  September, 1934 the then. British Government had made order to the Govt. of India, Burma and Pakistan that the boundary of their respective countries should be made it clear as soon as possible. In the month of February, 1935 the boundaries of these countries were checked and surprisingly the areas where the Chhinlung Israel People amounting areas 360 miles length, 260 miles wide, totaling 93,600 sq. miles. was found unpossessed by the three countries.
So the Draft was prepared and these areas was termed as THE OCCUPYING OF ISRAEL IS EXCLUDED AREA. When the Draft was sent to the British Government, after careful perused of the said Draft, the British Government would like to cancel the word ISRAEL and suggested to put it simply as EXCLUDED AREA. Accordingly the area, where the inhabitant areas of Chhinlung Israel people was known as EXCLUDED AREA. Today, the inhabitant areas of Chhinlung Israel people is still known as EXCLUDED AREA.
       From the above circumstances, it may not be difficult to accept that the Mizos are the lost tribe of Israel since time immemorial. The CIPC had made it clear that the Mizos are the descendants of Manasseh,etc. Under the above circumstances and facts mentioned above, it is earnestly prayed by the CIPC that your sup port, recognition and declaration to the whole world to the effect that
the Chinlung Israel People, covering people living in some part of the States of Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, Tripura under the Government of India and.under the Government of Bangladesh,
Myanmar Junta who believes and declare themselves as the descendants of Manasseh and Ephraim are the children of Israel through their ancestor Manasseh and Ephraim.
To this day, the Chhinlung Israel People are having their own religious beliefs by embracing Judaism, and some are embrasing Beth Israel and some embraced Christianity as their religion.

7.   That here mention may be made from the Holy Bible where the conditions of the lost tribe of Israel were recorded in many places. Only two points may be pointed out as follows:-
(i) Isaiah 51: 1-2. Hearken to me, ye that follow after righteousness, ye that seek the Lord: look unto the rock whence ye are hewen, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are  digged, Look unto Abraham your father, and unto Sarah that have you: for I called him alone, and blessed him, and increased him.
(The Chinlung Israel People themselves accepted that they were taken out from the hole of pit where they were hidden under the rock. Other people called them as as rock dwellers or Cave men)
(ii)Ezekiel 4: I5. Then he said unto me, Lo, I have given thee cow’s dung for man’s dung, and thou shall prepare thy bread therewith.
(The favorite dish for Chinlung Israel people is cow dung,(SaCHEK)dishes  prepared from the intestine/enstril of A cow by boiling or by cooking with oil is one of the favorite dish amongst the
Chinlung Israel People till date)


It is earnestly prayed for your recognition and to declare by the Government of Israel to the world that the Chhinlung Israel people- Mizos (including those who lived in different parts of Assam, Manipur,Tripura, Bangladesh and Burma who accepted themselves as the children of Manasseh and Ephraim ) are the decendants of Manasseh and Ephraim ( the lost tribe of Israel) so that under your leadership, the Chhinlung Israel-Mizos who lived scatterred in different parts of Assam, Manipur,Tripura, Bangladesh and Burma could re-unite having their true identity as a Nation that the CIPC are the decendant of  Manasseh and Ephraim.

With regards,

( C. LALHNUNA )                                            (C.B.Thlengliana)
President                                                     General Secretary

Chhinlung Israel People Convention, (NGO)
Gen. Hqrs. Aizawl, Mizoram, INDIA

Copy forwarded for information and necessary actions of supports to: –
T. The President of USA
2. The President of Russia
3. The President of France
4. The Premium of China
5. The Prime Minster of Great Britain
6. The President of Israel
7. The Home Minister of Israel
8. The Interior Minister of Israel
9. The President of India
10. The Chancellor of Germany
11. The Prime Minister of Bangladesh
12. The Army Junta of Myanmar
13. The President of INC, India
14. The President BJP of India
15. The Secretary General, UNO, New York
16. The Information Affairs, UNIC, N.Delhi
17. The Director, UNIC, N. Delhi
18. The Chairman, HRC of Geneva
19. His Excellency, the Governor of Mizoram
20. The Chief Minister of Mizoram
21. The Home Minister of Mizoram
22. The Principal Secretary for Home of Mizoram
23. The President of MUP, MHIP, YMA, MZP, Gen. Hqrs. Mizoram, Aizawl
24. The President of MPCC, MNF, ZNP, MPC, BJP, Mizoram, Aizawl
25. File Copy

(C.LALHNUNA)                                                       (C.B.THLENGLIANA)
President                                                                 General Secretary